Friday, August 24, 2007

Holland Would Get Nearly 1 Million!

The House of Representatives has finally started to act on the 2007-08 budget.

On the eve of students returning to school, the House versions of the education budgets were passed just prior to sunrise Thursday as part of a 17-hour legislative session that was at the very least rancorous. The House bills call for:

* a $100 per student increase to the foundation grant for K-12 along with other increases for equity payments, declining enrollment and transportation costs;
* a $36.7 million increase for community colleges, made up mostly of catch-up payments from this summer’s cuts and new investment in nursing programs; and
* research universities and other higher education institutions to be split into two different appropriations bills, each calling for a minimum 2.5 percent increase plus additional funding.

What does this mean for Holland Public Schools?

From the GR Press 8/24/2007
"Sixteen of 20 Kent County districts would get the extra $100, and eight would get between $3,400 and $334,000 for declining enrollment. All Ottawa County districts qualify for the so-called equity payments, and Holland and West Ottawa get money for losing students.

Grand Rapids Public Schools would see a $4.2 million boost, while Holland would get nearly $1 million." Read more here.

Please contact your legislator and tell them to properly fund education.