Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Collective Bargaining Works - HB 5354

HB 5354 - Collective bargaining works!
In January 2006, Holland teachers were involuntarily switched to a non MESSA health care plan. A few months later, the teachers NEGOTIATED a contract that switched their insurance back to MESSA. Because the teachers switched back to their NEGOTIATED MESSA, the Holland School District has SAVED over $700,000 to date. HB5354 takes away the ability and right for public employees to collectively bargain what is best for the local association and their needs. Contact your legislators and tell them to stop wasting time on HB5354 and focus on fixing education funding by creating new revenue sources and closing tax loopholes!

Imposed non-MESSA plan cost vs. Negotiated MESSA Plan cost

2006-2007 $4,087,629 $3,996,565
2007-2008 $3,875,729 $3,673,836
2008-2009 $3,979,08 $3,651,437
2009-2010 $4,083,624 $4,003,128

TOTAL $16,026,063 $15,324,966

Three year savings from negotiated MESSA plan vs. district imposed plan = $701,097