Saturday, August 29, 2009

Health Insurance Under Attack

Our bargaining rights, our health care benefits and even another attack on the local control of our public schools is in the headlines every day. The Andy Dillon idea of a state wide health care plan for all state employees simply can not be allowed to happen! Please go to: and become familiar with the Andy Dillon health care plan. While you are on the MEA web site please write your representatives and voice your opposition to the Dillon plan. The two major aspects to focus on are: 1.) bargaining rights....we wish to maintain our legal right to bargain our health care benefits at the bargaining table 2.) local control of our school district....we do not wish for the State of Michigan to control our health care benefits as we view this as an attack on our ability to control our schools locally. If you have not sent letter(s) to your representatives please do so. For more information, watch the following videos taken at a rally on the Capitol steps this summer. Click here to watch the videos.